Continuation of session with Basmat, July 22, 2022 (2)

(reflections after Ceremony)

Why was our group from Poland selected to perform this task in Egypt?

You ask why you? Why this group? Why these people? It is not only your earthly time today. You have known each other in many lifes.

She turns around, looks at Mary Magdalene – Mary Magdalene smiles and says this:

Mary Magdalene:
We all met in Languedoc as we are here. That was the time of change then. But now it’s about to happen. People and contacts with them are sometimes difficult, because they constantly follow the thought form. They constantly go into slogans, into topics. Throw it all away. Feel free from everything. You are People of Light.

Why did this group start their 2011 activities first? We chose you. We knew you would do it. In our spaces, we need the strength and energy of a physical being – people, man, but a perfect man with a beautiful heart, soul and spirit. Your spirit has led you. Some of these people in this group who were with you in Egypt were there to make it happen. Some of them you will no longer have contact with, and I ask you to accept this. It is their choice. I would like you to be a group of friends who think about each other, remember, visit each other, who always communicate with each other through words or gestures. Let each of you know that there is someone who wants everything you wish to come true and that he/she is with you in these realizations.

St. Germain:
Hello everyone. Please remember how you became perfect people hundreds of years ago. There are many groups in the world on earth who want what you do. But there is a record in the Book of Earth that comes from Poland, from this country. Sometimes you are concerned about the various topics that come along. I am asking you to feel that this is a vortex in the Earth that should break free sometimes, and when it does, certain events and situations occur. But please leave it alone. I want to see huge flames of Light here, your Light, flow in it.

Several participants of the trip to Egypt felt bad during the trip, felt a great danger, some did not trust anyone, did not know what to do with it.

Because it was making each of you so anxious. We knew one thing, if you were a group that would flow in one energy, everything would happen as it should. But as long as anyone feels unwell, this energy may not be coherent, total. But in meditation, you were one, and before that, the energies tried to disturb. Apart from that, Danuta, who possesses the energy of Sekhmet, also took care of the protection of the group. There, in the Pyramid, stood Sekhmet who was her, and nobody and nothing had the right to disturb anything.

What were these energies that tried to stir?

Energies that did not want to lead the Earth to the Fifth Dimensional, to the New Earth, that wanted to prevent it and continue to hinder it, but now there is nothing they can do about it.

Why our group was so beautifully protected throughout our stay in Egypt, and after returning to Poland, a number of people fell ill with COVID, and one (Tom Kukułowicz, our Kuku) suddenly left? Have you abandoned us?

You say that we did not protect Tom (Kuku) because we passed. Tom had his time, it was his decision and we have no influence on it. As for your events, the forces and energies that are not with us often strike after an event. So happened in 2011 and in 2022 because you did what you did in Egypt. Please remember – you are under our special care.

When we were in Egypt for the first time in November 2011, a few things were said at the end that became perfectly complemented and fulfilled. We all parted back then in not very good moods, with a sense of defeat for the whole Ceremony, but then also during one of the last sessions it was said that now our paths will part and that we will get back together after 10 years, that we will be together again, but then we will be different.

Now there is an awareness of wisdom in you, such situations do not disturb you anymore. We are Beings who do not give in to emotions, you are – as humans. If something goes wrong, something is disturbing, as a human being, you don’t know what to do, you get upset. Sometimes you have a grudge against each other or some regrets, or you just say something or it is enough for others to react badly to it …

But did you already know then that in ten years we will be together again, that we will be back? So my question is this – to what extent is our whole life determined, planned, and to what extent is our free will in it?

This is your will, because if someone did not want to participate in it, even if we saw you there, if you do not want to, you will not go there. But it’s true that we knew you would come back and complete what was about to happen. This is your free will. We ask you and if your intuition hears it, we invite you to join a group of friends who want to do something together. We see your lives in the future, right now, but that should come to you as a person individually. We should not suggest anything, talk about anything to direct you on a certain topic, country, nation or people – it is your choice. We really wanted you to be in the same group by several people, a dozen and so it happened.

St. Germain: (shows the lake – a huge lake)
This is Lake Baikal. Kuku was there before we left for Egypt. Go together someday just to rest … be … enjoy … Just please, make the trip easy, because difficult trips have already happened in your lives. It’s time for you to be able to savor the place, people, friends and creatures you meet there, who live in a beautiful place where nature is still very close to what was once there.

What is happening in the Great Pyramid right now is thanks to you. We worked there together. This place is open to energy, to a man who, entering the chambers, will open his/her space and hear the cry that he/she is a being of the New Earth. It happened. I would like to see you resting, leaving, enjoying, dancing, having a great time. Please remember this. I want to see people flowing with happiness. Each of you is one. Please accept this, “I AM HAPPINESS”

To be continued…


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