Iwona Rudnik


It is 5 a.m. on October 17, 2021. We go with a group of one energy that includes 33 people to the Pyramid of Love. There are 22 women and 11 men who heard the call of their heart and soul to be here. The Giza Plateau is empty, just us, a few rangers and the dogs that greet us warmly. We enter in silence, along the ramp and at the moment of passing through the gate of the Grand Gallery, each of us experiences the initiation of his/her I AM.

The goddess Bastet sprinkles galactic diamond dust on our bodies, which will equalize the possibilities of each of us. We stand in the sign of X. We connect with the Earth and the Universe. I feel that through my navel I connect with all the Spiritual Beings who are above us. We returned home.

The moment we stand in the middle of the Chamber, where the “sarkofagus” used to stand, our energy is balanced and luminous. I can see the great joy of the Spiritual Beings that We are. We communicate in a group, we feel the greatness of our task. We stand in the alignment of Metatron’s cube, and the moment it happens, I don’t feel anything anymore. I’m floating.

The vibrations of my body are so intense that I want to get into them, and float up. I notice Inga becoming a tube of Light, spinning in a spiral, to our Spirit Beings and back.

Christian and Andrzej with the pearl as the stone of truth are closest to Inga, although they are physically 2-3 meters away.

Inga’s Tube of Light flows through the Ark. Each of us becomes a golden ray that pulses up and down simultaneously. Our beloved Iwona (Stankiewicz) collects our rays into one energy and transmits it from us upwards. She collects these rays and places them in a tube of light.

Now is the Celebration of the ascent of the energy of unconditional love. The Ark is inside and Christian activates it with two golden rods (“keys”). I feel my body want to break away from the Earth, it wants to run away, I feel my body vibrating. I am both inside the Pyramid and outside at the same time.

I feel tremendous trembling, joy… The joy in me is great. I hear a voice say, “Welcome to your home.” Isis, Anubis combine the energy of the Pyramid of Love through our unconditional love for people, so that anyone who enters it or hugs its stones outside could receive the supreme gift.

I don’t know what happened next, I was the energy. I was swimming on the Light. After Inga finished meditating and we all hugged, I saw a blue man. It was Osiris who came to thank us. He never appeared in meditation. I was very happy to see him.

With great joy we went down to the Queen’s Chamber. We breathed this extraordinary energy and heard the voice: “It is done.” In silence, we left the Pyramid and saw the Dove in the sky, and next to It, on one and the other side, Isis spread her enormous wings.

Thank you for being able to participate in this extraordinary meeting in a group of friends. This is the step to the Fifth Dimension of the New Earth.

At the end, Saint German appeared to end the meditation. He made two semicircles bringing us together so we could get back to our life in the Now.

Iwona Rudnik


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