Beata Duda


Sunday September 17, 2021

“These activities are recorded in the Book of the Earth and it will happen,” said Isis. And it happened! On day 17, month X, 2021, 33 people pooled their energies and opened the Golden Gate of the Fifth Dimension.

I can’t quite describe what happened inside the Pyramid. What did I feel? In the space of my heart to the navel, I launched my unconditional love and gratitude, first to my loved ones, and then to all people and the entire planet Earth. Then light burst out.

Initially, it hovered above the floor of the King’s Chamber, only to fill it in a moment. I saw Jeshua and Mary Magdalene smiling and full of light and love. Then I felt tears running down my cheeks. I didn’t even try to wipe them off. They were tears of happiness, gratitude and unconditional love.

I saw many heads in the light. They were children’s heads. Children I am a guardian of. The tears were flowing and I felt that everything was fine, that what was about to happen was being completed. There was still light around us all. The Ankh and the Flower of Life, which have been with me for several days, clearly appeared to me.

Finally, a white dove has arrived. I knew it was Iwona Stankiewicz. And, of course, Isis, who covered the entire King’s Chamber and all of us with her wings. My heart was beating as hard as it would tear itself out of my chest. And I was the happiest in the world. I felt that I AM. After leaving the King’s Chamber, we saw angel wings and a dove inside. Do more characters need? Thank you thank you thank you.

Beata Duda


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