September 17, 2021

The first thought, the first emotion that appeared after entering the “Great Pyramid” was: … ooooh, like home, I’m home !!!

From the beginning of meditation in the Pyramid, I tried to be the light of unconditional love, and to be a transmitter and a connection of Light with the Central Sun and the Earth. I saw a huge swirl of energy at the top of the chamber, it was as if they were coming down. But I stopped observing, just focused, savoring the existence of light. At the end, I saw as if they were all standing in such a swirl of energy up to their knees, as if some beings were bowed or rather pushed down with the falling energy puff.

There was a huge, very tall Being, standing next to me, I had the impression that it was HORUS. And that would be so much from observation, because more important is what I have become inside myself. And here I must say that I became light as a feather, I felt exactly like a sea breeze, light and slow.

When I opened my eyes, I immediately turned to my husband, and what I felt was the endless FREEDOM in LOVE. It was my silent intention with which I went to Egypt, with the hope of realization during meditation. What I have felt and still feel is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. The most important for me is what a person feels. My confidence has grown and my self-confidence has grown. It may sound selfish, but now I know it’s none of those things. It is really trust and faith in GOD.



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