Christian Wojcikiewicz


I was in the plane flying from Frankfurt to Cairo. I was sitting there looking out of the window at the night sky. I remembered what my father told me about the two golden bars, and that I had to hold them in my hands. I thought about this while sitting in the airplane. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My mind wondered and thoughts started to come to me.

The twin golden bars represented something more, and my whole being was searching for it. Some answers came to me, but I felt that it is only once I go into the Great Pyramid that I will know.

I arrive at the hotel and spend the evening and the next day relaxing half in thought, half looking at the wilderness of the Egyptian sands. My father comes and visits me in my hotel room the night before we are supposed to go see the pyramids. He told me that we must be in the Great Pyramid at 5 am. It’s now 1:00 am. I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep. The night went on, and I didn’t get one single minute of sleep.

It was time to get up and get ready to go to the Giza Pyramids. As I’m walking towards the front of the hotel to meet everyone at the bus, my body is struggling to function properly and my mind is anxious. What if nothing happens in the King’s Chamber? I am stressed and nervous.

I enter the King’s Chamber and I feel a sense of things being rushed, faster than I thought it would be happening. “It is really happening” – are the thought going through my mind. I wait for a few moments for everybody to take place before receiving the confirmation to enter and lay down into the so called – “sarcophagus”.

Once I lay down, I sense some stress in my body and mind, as though I feel I need to do something. I try to relax, and I relax deeper and deeper. In my imagination I feel the two golden rods in my hands. I am holding them in my mind feeling as if their presence brings me closer and closer to perfect. I felt that one golden rod is the actual state of being of myself, and that the other rod was the perfect version of myself that is pulling me closer to a perfect template.

As the men and women around me are focusing, I can feel their presence crashing into me like waves. With each second I start to relax even deeper, and my mind begins to get more and more quiet. I begin to feel a new sense of gravity emanating from the whole group in the King’s Chamber.

I feel warmth of focus and calmness coming from everyone. For a few moments I calm down deeper than ever before. Images start to form in my mind, different random colors which don’t make sense. Then I see a humanoid shape begins to take form around me, not entirely human but emanating a deep sense of wisdom and knowledge. At the moment, when the humanoid figure comes into perfect view and its presence is dominating all my attention, my whole body begins to give off energy towards the ends of the cosmos, and the stars appear behind this humanoid.

The humanoid figure starts to speak and says that everything will be o.k. My attention immediately focused on those words. I ask what it means that everything will be ok? It said that there is a force, which pull the human destiny towards the perfect version of oneself, to trust that force; that it is like a gravity of the soul pulling the attention and spirit towards certain directions and decisions.

This force is what is calling to become complete and fully incarnated into the Fifth Dimension. I asked how does one do this, and the humanoid figure said that nothing can be done and everything can be done. It is up to us how quickly we want to do it. There is no rush but one’s own wishes and decisions. And that all in all this soul’s force is the call of one’s best incarnation.

I started to ask more personal questions to this figure but the answers were leaning back to this force. That this is what is important now and that it is everywhere around us and leads us to events and people.

My mind goes blank after. The figure disappears and I wait for something more to happen. All I feel is stillness and warmth. I remembered about the Arc of the Covenant and begin to imagine the energy being transferred from it, as intensely as I can. I stay relaxed but my whole being is transferring this energy.

Then the humanoid figure comes back to me and said that this energy is to make the process stronger in people. And it smiled and went away. And than, different figures appeared then and just kept saying: “I love you”.

One by one, the other figures just visited me and said those words. After a few minutes, when I was calm and still again and no thoughts were coming to me, I slowly decided to open my eyes and saw my father there in a meditative trance. I could barely recognize him. He seemed to be completely from a different era of this world. Like some kind of shaman or wizard from many thousand years ago. I become hypnotized by this image and watch him carefully in awe and surprise.

After a few minutes, I close my eyes again and I felt that my time in the sarcophagus is complete. I wait another minute to make sure, and then rise to see the group standing around the King’s Chamber. Many proceed to hug each other. I did too, with this soul’s energy that had come to me about reaching towards the stars and beyond and back.

Christian Wojcikiewicz


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