* Impressions of the participants of the meditation in the King’s Chamber
* Sessions with Basmat

I am pleased to inform all readers of our website that we have created a new tab “FIFTH DIMENSION”. It is related to the activities of the Wisdom of Nations Foundation, whose aim is, among others, to help Planet Earth and its inhabitants transition to the vibration level of the Fifth Dimension.

It contains impressions of people taking part in the extraordinary Ceremony (Celebration) that took place in the Great Pyramid of Giza (see the article “Meditation in the Great Pyramid” on the home page). 33 people participated in this meditation – not all of them sent their impressions, and not all of them feel that they can describe what they experienced during this extraordinary time. Some people prefer to remain incognito. Only descriptions that have been sent to us with permission to publish are included.

Let me remind you that the Celebration was inspired by Beings of Light who have been communicating with our group through the medium (Basmat) for a long time (see “SESSION WITH BASMAT” in the “FIFTH DIMENSION” section).

This tab will include extensive excerpts from sessions with Basmat – both earlier and future. The first fragments relate to the session that took place on July 21, 2021. These are suggestions from the Beings of Light regarding meditation in the King’s Chamber, how to do it and how to organize it. This session was attended by: Basmat (as a medium), Andrzej Wójcikiewicz and Christian Wójcikiewicz. On the part of the Beings of Light came: Isis, Mary Magdalene, Jeshua (Jesus), St. Germain, as well as Anubis and Metatron (who are not quoted here).

We cordially invite you to read the content of the FIFTH DIMENSION. There will be excerpts from the session regarding information related to the current situation in the world, the Ark of the Covenant, the role of the Great Pyramid and other pyramids scattered around the globe, as well as those concerning the anticipated EVENT and the approaching moment when the energy of the FIFTH DIMENSION may become a tangible, physical reality.

Please remember that the information comes from the extraordinary Beings of Light. They are: Metatron, Jeshua (Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Isis, Anubis, and St. Germain. As people who make up the Foundation, we have great confidence in them.


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