July 23, 2022. Wroclaw, Poland

Dear Friends,
We publish extensive excerpts from the unique session with Basmat, that took place on July 23, 2022 in Wrocław. Apart from Basmat, who was a channel transmitting information, and the undersigned, the session was attended by specially invited people from the group of our friends who were with us in Egypt and took part in the Meditation in the Great Pyramid on October 17, 2021. The Beings of Light that appeared at the meeting were: JESHUA, MARY MAGDALENE, ISIS, ANUBIS, ST. GERMAIN, as well as METATRON, ARCHANGEL RAFAEL and ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL – guardians of people participating in the meeting.
It was the longest session ever – our meeting with the Beings of Light lasted over 10 hours – so the amount of information we received through the direct contact is too large to be presented on our website in one article. In the coming days, we will therefore publish the next parts of this session in separate entries. We hope you find them extremely interesting.
Unfortunately, we must remain silent about some information. Some of them are personal and concern only session participants and their relatives. The remainder is so different from the officially accepted interpretation of some dogmas, both political and religious, that we prefer to keep them secret. We do not want to arouse sensation or destroy consciences. Even without this, a lot of information may be a big surprise for the reader.
It should be remembered that the information is obtained through unconventional means and skeptics may ask the question: “How do we know that it is really Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Metatron, Isis, Anubis or St. Germain talking to them”? Therefore, I am asking you to read information with your heart and intuition rather than with your mind. If you feel that the answers to the questions resonate with you and your understanding of the topic – take them as authentic. If not, stay open that it may or may not be true. You can accept or reject all or part of what is communicated here – the decision is always yours.
The following topics – among others – were discussed in the session: * Time of change … time of the Event; *     The situation in the world – Ukraine; * Event, New Earth – moving to the Fifth Dimension; * Unknown facts from the life of Jesus;  * Each of us has enormous internal power; * Reincarnation – previous lifes;  * Holy Grail and Templars; * Astral travel and trans-location and many other topics of past, present and future.

Andrzej Wojcikiewicz


Mary Magdalene asks us to put this information in the space for other people.

Mary Magdalene:
Everyone knows my physical life at the time when i was known as Mary Magdalene, but there is a lot of misinformation, errors, unnecessary slanders. Jeshua was always the love of my life and me his. Many books are written about our lives, and I am asking for only one thing – to write that we were love and we will always be love. And that no children arised from this beautiful relationship. We didn’t like that. We wanted to wait that beings so perfect should only appeared when people were at their level and will be able to understand, even without words. We are associated with different children in different books from the french times. We felt the need not to send lovely, beautiful beings to difficult events at that time. That is my request.
See how easy it is to attribute a mistake to someone and then reproduce it for thousands of years until people finally believe it. Please, be in the space of Light, that the topics that are awkward for you will go away from you. A lot of people create negative things. Unnecessarily, because some of them might come true later. I wish that all people with an open heart, being the Light in this physical, earthly life, could go through all the events that will take place here. I am asking you to sit at home comfortably and to float into space as if nothing was happening around you. If your consciousness is on very high vibrations in the energy space, nothing will threaten you. Any event that is not for you will pass you by.

To be continued…



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