Continuation of session with Basmat, July 22, 2022 (3)


I worked with many of you together in Atlantis and then there was Egypt. For some, it was a sad time because of memories, and for some it was beautiful. But it’s always a homecoming, although sometimes it ends in a difficult way. People were not ready. Neither the people nor us on what started to happen. We lost our vigilance, we stopped trusting. We were looking for a scientific excellence unknown nowhere else. It may be on other planets, but people here have to wait a while for the time of the machines. Do not be afraid of this time. It is only so that a person can have space for everything that makes him/her happy.

How long is this “moment” supposed to last?

People say words … words … words … There are a lot of negative things to it. They say it’s not a good time now, or that they don’t see anything beautiful in the future. If billions of people say this – certain things begin to come to pass and this space of earthly time then begins to shift further. I give space to as many years as you have fingers in one hand, but it can shift slightly. That is why I care so much and I am asking you for the perfection of being now, because for me everyone who has an open heart is flame of light that forms a huge ball of Light and together this “now” of the earth time here – will be realized.

In our lifetime?

As for your group, it has to be the most beautiful life you have chosen. Please feel all your Light Bodies. That you would allow the Light in them and that you would, while standing and looking in the mirror, say the words: “I wish my body would be perfect and be rejuvenated. This is my wish and it is so”. Any of you, any human can do it. Please, let the memory through the spirit and soul flow into your consciousness: “I can do it!”. Everyone of you.

Please, write that more people – people we do not know, turn to us when they need help, care … maybe joy. So that when they are struggling with some problem – your earthly one – they would ask any of us. We’ll be there right away. We want to work with people. With their pain, with their health, with their abundance, with their youth, it is all for you and nothing more is needed but your Light that shines.

If your wish is to become an Ascended Master, then flow into the Light. That is the only thing expect. If you want to come here again – it is your choice, but we agreed together that this is the space for you and your consciousness has accepted it.

To be continued…


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