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As people who are aware and responsible for the environment in which we live, observing what is happening around us and changes on Planet Earth, we must acknowledge the fact that the current direction of our development served to us by the ruling elite: the omnipotence of the wealthiest, rules of cartels, ruthless pursuit of profit, ignoring higher values, ​​promotion and excessive fueling of conflicts that generate negative energy – we need to do something to stop this trend and reverse it.
In view of these values​​, a new project called Project To Disclose The Ancient And Modern Knowledge was created. It is in part a continuation of the Project Cheops that ended with the end of the year 2012. Its aim was to protect the Earth and people from negative changes in 2012. We have a new time, a new foundation and a new job. Out task is: to explore ancient knowledge that could be hidden under the sands of Egypt. We would also like make public information that might be kept secret from us, ignored or ridiculed in such areas as: free energy and health. Some of this information is known for centuries, some are being discovered now – but without proper disclosure, without the help of all of us, may again remain hidden, forbidden or destroyed by the institutions that earn billions on our ignorance.
This raises a question – is it possible to stop and reverse the cascade of negative energy, served to us by the world’s governments? What can we do in a situation, when the vast majority of people worry primarily about the contents of wallet? The conflicts and wars are taking place far away so, who cares? Can we possibly make any changes in a direction of liquidation the negative trends and replacing them with a sense of harmony, peace – both at the personal levels, as well as international arenas?
In our view, it is possible, but not by one individual or one organization. This can be done only the combined forces of many people and many organizations of our physical world – in collaboration with the level existence, that provides us with energy and information, how to make such changes..

Therefore activities of the Project To Disclose The Ancient And Modern Knowledge will take place at two levels:

  1. At the level of the physical world will try to reach out to the study of sources of cheap energy promoting inventions related to wind energy, water energy and other energies that can reduce our bills for heating, electricity, gas, etc. We will try to promote healthy behavior and reveal knowledge about natural, low-cost ways to maintain and improve health, to educate people that the modern pharmacies has long should have changed name to “chemical shops”. According to people involved in professional pharmacy – the amount of chemicals in prescription and over the couter drugs is becoming frightening. Every disease is therefore a billion dollar business for pharmaceutical companies. They don’t want to cure us, they want to treat us… However so many health problems can be prevented or treated with cheap and readily available natural remedies: herbs, vitamins, folk recipes, supplements, etc.
    We will also focus on revealing the ancient knowledge that might be hidden under sands of Egypt – for example the Three Pyramids of Giza area, or in the region of Hawara Necropolis were excavations were stopped in April 2009. Such knowledge may change the existing views on the history of the world, the history of mankind.
  2. On the spiritual level – we will explore the knowledge of the spiritual world and its impact on our human, physical reality. Many of us have a hard time to realize that the other world exists and can help us in our perplexities, activities and discoveries. We might ignore it, reject it – but it does not mean that the influence of the spiritual dimension on us is non-existent. Some people feel it every day through using their intuition as a tool to make decisions. We are convinced that only a combination of knowledge coming from a “higher source” with the knowledge from “physical dimension” can bring about the results in the form of knowledge that has been hidden or deliberately kept away from us. Our heart must communicate with our brain. Than everything is possible.

Methods of our activity:

  1. Continuation of archaeological research in Egypt. Since the Supreme Council of Antiquity in Cairo stopped the research at the Hawara Necropolis area (April 2009) conducted by the University of Cairo and financially supported by the University of Wroclaw (Poland), we are trying to get re-authorization and to continue this research. The Arab Spring (January 2011) gave hope for a change. However – further social unrest in Egypt made ​​it temporarily difficult to obtain new permits. We believe that these are problems that will soon vanish and that common sense will prevail with respect such interesting and profitable for Egyptian archaeology projects.
  2. Meetings and workshops in Poland and abroad organized by the Foundation “Wisdom of Nations “.
    To such meetings we will invite presenters with exceptional knowledge in the fields of: free energy, health, Egypt – archaeology, technical innovations. Our “spiritual specialist” Anna Dolinska will also participate in such meetings as a person representing the element of connection between spirituality and science. The first hour will be devoted to the main topic of the meeting. During the second hour Anna will lead a session of meditation and healing. The third hour: questions and discussion.

How these goals can be achieved depends not only on us, members and founders of the new Foundation, not only on our “Friends from Above”, who are helping us as they can – but on each of you – through your participation in meetings, through your contact with us, through your interaction and interesting ideas.
Foundation “Wisdom of Nations ” will be happy to make contact and cooperate with any individuals and organizations around world with a similar ideas, similar character of the activity and similar objectives. We look forward to your letters, comments and suggestions.

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