Quo Vadis 21st Century?

Book of Knowledge – Keys of Enoch: Quo Vadis 21st Century?

Andrzej Wójcikiewicz

In July 2018 the book by Dr. James J. Hurtak titled “The Book of Knowledge – Keys of Enoch” was published in Polish translation. In September 2018, we had the pleasure to host the author of this work in Warsaw with his wife, Dr. Desiree Hurtak. Two meetings: in the bookshop “Nieznany Świat” in Warsaw and a full-day conference entitled “Visions of the way of life and the new reality of our future” regarding this book, brought Polish readers closer to its main ideas. After the conference I had a long meeting and conversation with dr. Hurtak and his wife on the importance of this unique publication for modern civilization and for our future. This article is the result of this conversation.

konferencjaConference in Warsaw. From the left: Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Andrzej Wójcikiewicz (tranlsator), Dr. Desiree Hurtak

We are not alone in the Universe

The Book of Knowledge – Keys of Enoch “has its own” language of the language. “We call it “metalanguage”, a language embedded in symbols, into images and the musical context of a book based on living experiences, so it is not a book of simple words or two-dimensional images, but literature requiring a deeper understanding of the symbols it contains, its message is unambiguous: we are not alone in the Universe, we live in a “House of Many Mansions”, the Universe of many Universes. In other words – we are not just three-dimensional beings created as a result of accidental biological coincidences, but multidimensional spiritual beings connected with the Higher Intelligence that affects our lives and help us develop and grow.

The Keys of Enoch are of great importance in the present times because of the extensive planetary changes which are currently taking place. Through the contact and personal experiences of the author with the Ultra Terrestrial Entity called Enoch, predicted the probability of these changes through scientific analysis, made in January 1973.

The author has seen specific scenarios, mental scenarios, how the North and South Poles of Mother Earth will accelerate environmental changes by melting the glaciers there. It was long before most of the paleontologists and ecologists at that time began to deal with this phenomenon.

Description of changes

At the Key No. 118 mathematical calculations related to this phenomenon were given. Enoch called it the “God’s Plan”, which has its ending to show that the Human Race has received a program for the future. This is a kind of map showing how – through changes in the natural environment – we prepare ourselves and accelerate the change of old paradigms, old systems that have ceased to work, to a new awareness of spirituality, elementary particle physics and biological substance as a template of the soul.

What has been described in The Keys of Enoch is also illustrated (especially in the Key 118) through diagrams and pictures, where problems related to the current electromagnetic pollution, problems with our use of energy technology, with carbon and greenhouse gases are mentioned. This key also mentions the massive tectonic movements and structural changes observed in China in 1976 and in other areas of Asia in the 1980s and early 90s.

Therefore, it is very important to realize that people around the world are beginning to experience climate change in the form of weather anomalies associated with storms and unusual temperature changes, both in the northern and southern hemisphere. This also applies to the United States and Poland.

The Keys of Enoch also depict a picture of civilizations that have disappeared due to the lack of awareness of climate change. They give names of specific cities in China that are to be damaged by earthquakes (e.g., Yumen. Tientsin and Tangshan) after 1973. The Keys were also the first study to provide details of the triangle of the Yucatan-Guatemala area, between Mexico, Guatemala and Central America, where unknown civilizations using water hydraulics and land engineering were found that were in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. This is currently the subject of heated discussions between engineers and scientists in the National Geographic magazine.

Egypt, the Belt of Orion, Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid

Very interesting is the fact that The Keys of Enoch was the first to point out with great precision the connection between the star channels in the Great Pyramid in Giza and the Orion Belt, located about 1,400 light years from Earth. The underground channel under the Giza Plateau has also been described and was authenticated by finding the tomb of Osiris. According to the Egyptian tradition, Osiris is the ruler of the higher realm of Orion, who directed the construction of pyramids, inspiring the pre-Egyptians to use sound and music. It also leads to the discovery of a huge underground hydraulic system in the area of ​​the Three Pyramids in Giza.

Dr. James J. Hurtak and his wife Dr. Desiree Hurtak were the first researchers to discover the tomb of Osiris in 1997. This discovery was later “appropriated” by then Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass. Water, located under the graves, suggests that there must have been a system allowing its flow, despite the fact that the Nile is quite far away. It also seems that the water was also fed into the underground part of the Great Pyramid, but the confirmation of this theory requires further scientific research.

The Key 105 describes star channels in the Great Pyramid directed towards the Belt of Orion. The combination of the Three Pyramids at Giza with this Belt was described by Dr. J.J. Hurtak 20 years before the famous Belgian writer Robert Bauval, who in his book The Orion Mystery published in 1993 described the correlations of the Orion Belt with the Three Pyramids of Giza.

Life on Mars and the energy of pyramids

At Key 104, we find a description of the traces associated with the previous life on Mars. The Mars pyramid system is described in the area of the so-called Elysium Quadrangle. It is worth to note that The Keys of Enoch were written in 1973 and was the first to publish NASA’s images of the pyramids on Mars. The famous Carl Sagan later confirmed these interesting images that are seen in The Keys gotten from scientists at the Jet Propulsion Lab. There was also additional scientific evidence about changes on Earth, as well as on the “dead sister planet called Mars,” showing us the same mechanisms that we can use to redesign a new natural system using pyramid structures.

In the Keys 104.3 and 104.4 the author writes:

       104.3.     If you look at platinum crystal under a field ion microscope, you see bubble formations which form pyramid shapes of Light going from every stage of geometry all the way through the immediate field of the crystal. If you look at blood crystals under an electron microscope, you can find the shape of the pyramidal field in the crystal forms of blood.
       104.4     What you are seeing is the Merkabah which connects the key pyramids so that Light can be used in unfolding the next stage of evolution.

This suggests that the Pyramid of Light is the central geometric form of all biophysical evolution and evolution of consciousness. Perhaps this is why the ancients treated the pyramids as gates to the stars and the form through which stellar intelligence came to Earth to serve man.

The Key 105 illustrates how the Egyptian water system and hydraulics are connected to pyramidal energy. According to this Key, this energy is a vortex, and water molecules can be a source of energy and power.

Interesting thing is also the fact that the author of The Keys and his wife worked with the Zulus tribe in South Africa. There are stories in tribal legends that the ancestors of Zulu came from Mars in what was named Merakaiba, which is similar to the word “Merkabah,” meaning vehicle in mystical literature.

In Russia and Central America, and even in the United States, every society built a series of small pyramids, either of artificial materials or stones. In this way – thanks to the use of water systems under the pyramid itself, regardless of its size – the community could re-orientate itself to a new type of water treatment, a new type of agriculture.

Pyramids in Russia and research in Japan

Scientists and Russian researchers involved in the energy of pyramids believe that when something is created that disturbs the flow of magnetic fields rotation in the natural system, such formation is able to generate healing energy. Therefore, some of the pyramids built in Russia for research purposes had a very elongated shape, quite different from what is in the Great Pyramid. But it was a way to test different frequencies that would increase the power of the mind and increase the power of biological growth.

In turn, at the University of Nihon in Japan, research has been carried out which suggests that the pyramid with its electromagnetic field actually produces “fire” – energy inside. And it seems that geometry does not matter because the energy field is still being created. You can see it in the Grand Gallery of Cheops Pyramid – on both sides, there are alternating small holes that may have contained an anode and cathode creating and energy system made of some metal (removed long ago). In this situation, it can be speculated that it was possible to create a water electrolysis system there and generate energy.

The role of the Great Pyramid in present times

At the Key 104, Dr. Hurtak states that the pyramids are “chronomonitors” – devices that measure and monitor time, and send these signals to other cosmic civilizations that inform them about our situation. Therefore, we assume that in the event of danger, appropriate vibrations will be generated in the direction of the Earth, which will allow our civilization to move to a higher dimension, called the Fifth Dimension. The Great Pyramid seems to be the central source of such a message.

Biological pyramidal structures

In the opinion of Dr. Hurtak, one of the most important things in The Keys of Enoch is to understand the principles of pyramidal structures, especially on our human biological level. In the human brain, there are pyramidal brain cells and it is a type of energy model within the chemistry of our mind, which – if we coordinate it properly through these cells, through feedback or through higher states of meditation – we actually use larger areas of learning processes, harmonizing left and right the brain hemispheres.

Similarly – if we coordinate the pyramids in China with those in Egypt in terms of stellar positions in building pyramids, in terms of educational centers and, in the same way, we will coordinate the pyramids in South and Central America – they will become natural school centers, natural science centers, natural agricultural centers as twelve geometric vortexes surround the planet.

Consciousness as a hidden energy variable

According to what Enoch showed Dr. Hurtak, there will be places where, thanks to the next level of education, we will finally realize that we have solved our problems by recognizing consciousness as a hidden variable of new energy. New science and new spirituality will be able to go to the next level of the pyramidal structure. And ultimately, we will become “lighthouses”, or the culmination of knowledge for the part of humanity who wants to rise higher, and not to regress in development.

The pyramid that is 3-sided (tetrahedral) or 4-sided (quadrilateral) seem to be the central formation literally for everything in the Universe. Are we talking about another universe that creates this Universe, or are we talking about our own body, about the way in which our body is made – the pyramid structure is always the essential ingredient to everything.

Pyramids are transducers for gravitational waves, which are invisible forces, magnified by pyramidal geometries. The Giza Pyramids are considered a “Cosmic Clock” that shows time positions. And according to time positions, the first part of the 21st Century will end with actual physical contact with the pyramid Architects. May this contact cause a real change in the existing and omnipotent political paradigm: the policy of wars, conflicts, hatreds, and fueling terrorism – is to be replaced with peace, harmony and love, a transition to the Fifth Dimension. But are we ready for it as humanity?

To be, or not to be – that is the question! Keep in touch with The Keys blueprint!


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