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This statement is justified with the fact that in the existing three bladed wind turbines most wind energy flow passes between the blades and the components of the forces acting on the blade prevent the rotation of the blades. Furthermore, if the blade has a length of 70 to 90 meters, even at very low speed at the end of the blade, the peripheral speed of the blade is greater than the speed of the wind that flows into the blade. Thus, not only is the lack of drive, because the wind is not able “to catch” the blade, it also means that at the end of the blade is forming a “brake”, which counteracts rotation of the blade.

In the Chmczyk’s Wind Turbine solution, adverse events do not occur. In contrary, the wind causes the force acting only on one side of the turbine axis and there is no wind force acting on the other side of the axis of the turbine. Therefore there is no force counteracting the rotation of the blade. In addition – the force towards turbine driving gear is increased (even twice), due to the force of the increased pressure as a result of the anti-referral stream of air pressure on the blade’s drive side.

From these reasons, the wind speed increases while entering the turbine and is increasing the power of my wind turbine. Comparing with the power of wind turbines produced now, considering the surface of the blade, the power of the Chomczyk’s turbine is several times more effective. Here are some other advantages of the invention:

*          Chmomczyk’s Wind Turbine has technical solutions not used anywhere in the world. Prof. Chomczyk was able to modify Pascal’s Law so, the wind pressure is applied only to blades that are producing power. There is no braking force.

*          Among other things it utilizes magnetic bearings – therefore there is almost no friction and the Turbine start to work even with a very weak winds (1-2 m/sec)

*          Chomczyk’s Wind Turbine has an original construction where instead of composites. The design is very compact and rigid. The cost of such turbine, compared with the cost of turbine engines produced nowadays (with the same power), is much… much lower.

*          Chomczyk’s Wind Turbine has a driver and a sorter of air flow (in the direction of the turbine) – air flows in the form of properly structured streams.

*          There is no turbulence of the air that hits the turbine blades.

*          Sound intensity is dramatically reduced (20 to 30 dB lower comparing to traditional turbines), which allows installing these turbines also on residential homes.

*          These turbines do not kill birds.

*          These turbines can be of different sizes. Both the diameter of the turbine, as well as its height, may have different dimensions, depending on the needs of the required power (up to 60 kW).

*          On the same mast one turbine (even several meters high) can be fixed, or several segments of smaller height. Obtained power will be a function of the turbine’s adopted height, with the same diameter of the turbine.

*          The wind motor is protected from excessive wind.

*          The turbine will not cause any problems (as it is with present windmills) during transport and installation.

*          Capital investments for the Chomczyk’s Wind Turbine should be returned no later than within two to three years.

*          When comparing Chomczyk’s Wind Turbines to the conventional turbines with the same power – differences in the cost of production and sales, Chomczyk’s Wind Turbines are several times more economical.

Prof. Chomczyk’s Wind Turbine was presented as patent application to the Polish Patent Office in September 2009. Since then Prof. Chomczyk introduced many significant improvements and won several prices and awards for his Wind Turbine project. He won major awards on International Exhibitions on XVI International Exhibition of Innovations “Archimedes 2013” in Moscow, Russia, and XII International Innovation Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia, in October 2014.

About the inventor

Prof. Dr. Eng. Włodzimierz Chomczyk is a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and the Silesian University of Pedagogy in Katowice. He received his PhD in 1965 and a docent’s degree in 1967. The professorship he obtained in 1991 by recommendation from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

At the Warsaw Universities of Technology, he served as the Head of the Department of Machine Design. For two terms he was the President of the Bialystok University of Technology. He has been carrying out scientific research, finding unique technical solutions and working with industry to implement them. He has authored 5 scientific books and has published more than 400 scientific and technical papers. He is also the creator or co-author of over 60 patents and patent applications. A number of patents have been implemented in the Polish industry, including patents modernizing a purchased Japanese license. He conducted research and reconstruction of American compressors commissioned by the American concern WABKOWESTING HOUSE.

He is an expert in the Polish Engineers and Mechanics Association in POLKARGO and the International Institute for Standardization. He was awarded many times and was recognized for his didactic activities for technical, technological and organizational progress. He is a researcher, practitioner and scientist.

Except the Wind Turbine his most significant invention is an oil-free compressor that provides up to 15 bars from one degree of compression that exceeds in performance best existing compressors in the world.



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