Meditation in the Great Pyramid

Giza, Sunday, October 17, 2021

Few probably remember the Ceremony that took place at the Three Pyramids in Giza on November 11, 2011 at 11:00 am and 11:00 pm, called the 11/11/11 Ceremony. The morning Ceremony was to take place in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, and the evening one – outside the Great Pyramid. Despite obtaining all possible permissions from the highest authorities in Egypt, both Ceremonies were canceled due to an unprecedented press campaign in Cairo suggesting that Jews and Masons had come to Cairo to “steal” the Great Pyramid and “move it” to Israel. Therefore, the Morning Ceremony was not held in the King’s Chamber, but in the apartment of the Meridien-Pyramids Hotel, about 1 km from the Great Pyramid. Evening Ceremony – in a room of the “Cleopatra” restaurant in Giza.
Ceremony 11/11/11 was organized by the Foundation then called Dar Światowida and inspired by the Spiritual Being called Samuel, through the medium – Anna Dolińska. The purpose of this meditation was to prevent Planet Earth from the polarity reversal predicted for December 2012 (end of the Mayan calendar). Details of this Ceremony are described in my book, Fifth Dimension – Future Here and Now, with the subtitle Awakening of the Great Pyramid.
As we all know, in 2012 there was no cataclysm and we live peacefully, only in an increasingly strange world, far from ideal.
From 2013, our contact with the Spiritual World has changed. We started to receive information through a different medium named Basmat. The Beings of Light from whom information was passed on were: Isis (guardian of the Pyramids area of Giza), Anubis and St. Germain. Occasionally visited us: Jeshua (Jesus), Metatron, Mary Magdalene and Makeda (the Queen of Sheba).
Three years ago, in 2019, our new Wisdom of Nations Foundation was tasked with organizing a trip to Egypt in October 2020 to “finish” the meditation that took place 10 years ago. To do this, a group of selected people should physically enter the King’s Chamber and meditate there for about 45 minutes, sending the energy of love. This is to bring about a connection by the Energy of Love of all existing pyramids on Earth. Purpose: to protect the Earth and allow it to transition into the vibration of the Fifth Dimension.
The pandemic prevented departure in 2020, but October 2021 turned out to be a friendlier period. All possible obstacles, such as vaccination against COVID 19, tests, financial matters, were systematically overcome. The composition of the participants was supplemented in August, September and early October. The organizer of this expedition was Joanna Wójcicka, who performed her tasks perfectly.
The trip was programed as two weeks long. It was supposed to be an ordinary tourist trip of a group of people from Poland in order to visit the wonders of ancient Egypt.
Just before the date of departure from Poland, 33 people signed up for the trip. A unique number. The departure to Hurghada took place on October 7, 2021 by charter planes from Warsaw, Poznań, Katowice and Wrocław. Then travel by coach to Luxor and accommodation on a cruise ship sailing on the Nile.
When asked about the purpose of our journey and meditation, our Friends from Above gave the following answer:

“The moment you appear in the Pyramid and at the Pyramid, the energies of the Ark of the Covenant and the Great Pyramid will merge, the device will be activated,” said Mary Magdalene.
“It is making possible for an EVENT that will open the gate to the Fifth Dimension for physical people in this space, when they can move everywhere, pursue everything, be who they want to be, as long as they want. Finding yourself in the most beautiful of your lives, so the next – if you choose to do so – can only be more beautiful. But it’s only for those who will be awakened. This is a decision of every human being” – completed Jeshua (Jesus)

The Ark of the Covenant (called the Ark of Love by our Beings of Light) was to play an essential role during the meditation. Its energy was to be transferred mentally from Lalibela in Ethiopia, where its original is said to be located, to the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber, which – according to Isis – was made just for the Ark.
In this situation, it is easy to imagine the true meaning of our entire trip for people … for Planet Earth … for the world of Beings of Light… for the whole Universe.
Just like 10 years ago, it was necessary to rent the King’s Chamber so, that no one would disturb us for an hour, no one rushed us, no one forbid closing our eyes (as was sometimes practiced in the area of the Three Pyramids of Giza).
The King’s Chamber was open to visitors daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. In the original version, there was suggested that 11 people of our group meditate inside the Chamber, while the others stand outside in specific places around the Great Pyramid and meditate at the same time.
Inga, a Danish woman living in Spain, was asked to stand in the central point, i.e. in the middle of the King’s Chamber. She was one of the four “earthly angels” who participated in the Ceremony on 11/11/11. On four sides of Inga, very close to her, four women were to stand: Danuta, Ula, Iza and Theresa. Men were to stand in the four corners of the Chamber: from Danuta’s side – Piotr, her husband, from Iza’s side – Jarek, her husband, from Teresa’s side – Mietek, and from Ula’s side – Tomasz. The men were to be the guards, making sure that no negative energies got inside the Chamber. Inga was to conduct the entire meditation, while the role of Danuta standing next to Inga, was to translate her words into Polish.
Christian, my son, was to lie down inside the sarcophagus. I was to stand at one of the sides of the sarcophagus, with pearls with me as a protection for me and for him.
The choice of Christian as the one to lie in the sarcophagus was a great surprise for me. I had no idea that he was so spiritually advanced and that he was so closely associated with the Ark of the Covenant. His role was to transfer the Ark’s energy from Lalibela to the sarcophagus.
Christian was to lie with his arms crossed over his chest, in his imagination holding two golden rods made in Poland in October 2011. In his left hand he was to imagine a rod with the inscription in Polish: MAN DOES NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, and in his right hand with the same inscription in Hebrew. He was going to feel that the energy of the Ark of Covenant was transferring from Ethiopia to Giza, to the Great Pyramid, and that the golden rods were releasing the energy of both the Ark and the entire Great Pyramid.
My role was to imagine that the sarcophagus was in the place where Inga was standing, that is, in the middle of the King’s Chamber. There, apparently, is its place. Isis claims that Christian is the incarnation of the pharaoh Apries. According to Wikipedia: Apries (or Uahibre) – was a pharaoh, the ruler of ancient Egypt from the Decline, the XXVI Saic Dynasty. He reigned in the years 589-570 BCE and was the son of Psametik II. He reportedly searched for the Ark during his reign and followed it to Babylon, since he thought it was hidden there.

Author meditating by the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber

    I, in turn (as Isis claims), in one of my former incarnations was a priest who looked after the Ark of Covenant in the days of King Solomon. Protection against its high energy was supposed to be a string of pearls I was wearing. That is why Christian and me were asked to be in – and by the sarcophagus during meditation.
In the original version, apart from the eleven people inside the King’s Chamber, the other participants were to line up around the Great Pyramid on appropriate places, creating the so-called “Metatron’s cube”, that is, standing on the extensions of the lines created by people who are in the Chamber.
However, it turned out that it was extremely difficult to rent the King’s Chamber during normal tourist visits time. Bribing the local guards – as was once practiced – to keep tourists out for an hour created a risk that, due to new regulations that required observations of tourists entering the King’s Chamber, and frequent inspections from the Ministry of Antiquities – there was a risk that our meditation would be interrupted or would not take place.
Therefore, a decision was made to rent the King’s Chamber officially, by writing an appropriate application to the Ministry of Antiquities. It was the only sure way to ensure that we would be able to enter the Chamber and complete our task calmly. Official permits were issued for two-hour sessions in the morning, from 5:00 to 7:00 am and from 7:00 to 9:00 am (i.e. before the start of normal tourist traffic), and in the evening, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. It turned out that for Sunday, October 17, 2021 the only available date was the morning session, from 5:00 to 7:00 am. In this situation, all participants of the trip, i.e. 33 people, must enter the King’s Chamber at the same time and meditate together. It is not possible for anyone to stand outside of the Great Pyramid, as Isis suggested.
The official application was submitted through the organizer of our expedition, Joanna, and the guide of our group, Mr. Mohamed Mustafa. Price: $1,500 US basic rental fee, plus $ 25 extra per person. So our fee was $ 2,300.
A week before our arrival in Cairo, we received a message that the application had been accepted and that the King’s Chamber was reserved for us with permission to meditate. So we will be able to close our eyes and do our job. The money was deposited to the Ministry’s account immediately. From then on, we looked forward to arriving in Cairo.
I had some concerns that some unexpected obstacles would appear just before entering the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Love. I remembered the turmoil before the 11/11/11 Ceremony and obstacles culminating in the closure of the Great Pyramid for the entire day of November 11, 2011.
Our trip from Luxor to Cairo was a difficult experience for me. Christian, my son, did not take part in the entire trip and arrived to Cairo on October 14, that is, 2 days before our arrival – only for meditation. All he knew was that we were to meet at the hotel on Saturday, October 16, and that there would be meditation on Sunday. He just didn’t know what time. While on the ship, on the Nile, I did not have a telephone connection with him, so I was not able to inform him about the time to leave the hotel for the Pyramid. I expected him to be waiting for us in the hotel lobby (we all slept in the same hotel). From Luxor to Cairo, we traveled by coach, visiting the temples of Abydos on the way. We didn’t show up at the hotel until 11:30 pm. Christian was not in the lobby. Repeated attempts to telephone his room proved fruitless. Since nobody was answering the phone – he was not in the hotel. I thought so. Panic slowly began to seize me. I didn’t know where he was. Haven’t he gone to some party by any chance and will he be back on time? It was almost 1:00 am. What if he doesn’t show up in the Pyramid for meditation? After all, it has a very important role to play. It is supposed to be in the sarcophagus. That’s why he came to Cairo…
Finally, just before 1:00 am, I heard “hallo” on another phone call. It turned out that Christian was in the room all the time, but he did not answer the phone, because the previous day he had met several players of an Egyptian football team, that happened to be in the same hotel. Newly met friends organized a party at the hotel and kept calling Christian’s room, inviting him to a party. After a few such calls, he stopped answering them, waiting for me … to knock on his room.
It is not hard to guess that this night was quite short for us. Wake up at 4:00 am, the bus took us to the Pyramid at 4:30 am, and at 5:00 am we were all ready to meditate in the King’s Chamber.
Inside, we created several intersecting lines that were rehearsed while traveling by ship. We were to position ourselves in the form of the letter X, crossed with a straight line running from top to bottom.
Those who, in the original version, were to be standing outside the Pyramid of Love were asked to imagine that they were outside and surrounding the Pyramid with the light and energy of love. Isis, Anubis, Jeshua, St. Germain emphasized that group harmony is extremely important. Everyone, absolutely everyone, is to be the energy of love, strengthened by the energy of the Ark of Love, emitted through the energy of the Pyramid of Love and spreading across the globe through the power of all existing pyramids on our Planet. Energy, reaching to the Source and surrounding the entire globe.
Before starting the meditation, as requested by our Beings of Light, we all raised both hands up, with our palms open in the shape of a narrow X, in order to connect with the energy of the Source. Then Inga started meditation and Danuta translated her words into Polish.
My task was to imagine that the energy of the Ark of Covenant was transferred from Lalibela to the sarcophagus, and that the sarcophagus was placed exactly in the center of the Chamber where Inga is. I imagined the Great Pyramid to be a square inside a giant sphere. I saw a Merkaba in the middle of the space of all who meditate. I saw the energy exiting the tip of the Pyramid and reaching far into space, illuminating all the pyramids on earth at the same time. I didn’t feel the time, I didn’t hear what Danuta was saying, explaining Inga’s words. I do not know how long this meditation lasted because I was focused only on the images that my mind was creating. I saw some shadows that flit past me, and the sarcophagus with Christian inside, but they disappeared immediately. Then there was only light.
After Inga finished the meditation – everyone gathered in the center of the Chamber, hugging each other. I was extremely emotional. Tears ran down my cheeks. I guessed that we had fulfilled our mission and the Ceremony on 11/11/11 was completed.

    Hugging in the King’s Chamber after meditation

When we went outside the Pyramid – I was speechless for a moment. Huge wings were spread across the sky (see photo on the top). It was bright, the rising sun was shining, and the feathery clouds made an extraordinary spectacle. Two huge wings pointing towards the Great Pyramid … The Pyramids of Love sparkled in the sky spread from right to left and left to right, as if a gigantic Light Being was ready to fly towards us. Inside, outlined by darker clouds, was the figure of a Dove.

    Isis, the protector of the area of ​​the Three Pyramids in Giza, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, was most often portrayed in Egyptian iconography with her wings spread wide. Isis … the Light Being, who patronized our Foundation together with Anubis and St. Germain spread her wings from the clouds in the sky to thank us for the Celebration in the King’s Chamber. It was my first thought when I saw the phenomenon in the sky. The photos of the sky that were taken after leaving the Pyramid of Love do not reflect the entire panorama and the enormity of the spectacle. They just give you an idea of ​​what it might have been.
DOVE, in the Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, symbolized Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, the female aspect of God. For me, she also represented Iwona Stankiewicz. My partner, with whom I spent 20 years and who decided last year to move to another dimension, to a higher level of vibration, to help us in today’s celebration. For her, I wrote my first book called “The Dove”. I thanked Isis and Iwona and all our Guardians for this sign with great emotion. I understood that what had to be done had been accomplished.

The whole group in front of the Great Pyramid after meditation

   I assume that our meditation opened the road to the Fifth Dimension and what was written in the Book of Earth has been fulfilled.
Will the prophecy of the Beings of Light come true? Will our Celebration open the way to the EVENT and to the transition of Planet Earth to higher vibrations? We will see. We left the area of ​​the Three Pyramids with a sense of fulfillment of what our Guardians expected of us. In the King’s Chamber, we were all … absolutely all of one energy of love, in tune with the energy of the Ark of the Covenant … the Ark of Love.

Andrzej Wojcikiewicz

The whole group at the hotel the next day after meditation. In front – Christian Wojcikiewicz with golden rods.


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