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According to global trends, the emphasis is on looking for renewable energy, on ecology, on reduced energy costs, on innovative solutions. However it is sometimes difficult to notice solutions that can change energy system in any country, improve life of millions. In Poland there is a man whom I call “the genius forgotten: prof. Włodzimierz Chomczyk. Thanks to his inventions Poland could become one of the world leaders in such areas as:
➢ use of wind energy,
➢ production of new generation combustion engines and air engines,
➢ oil-free and friction-free compressors,
➢ heat and electricity storage systems.

Professor Włodzimierz Chomczyk is a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland, currently a retired academic lecturer, researcher and inventor. He worked at the technical universities of Gliwice, Białystok and Warsaw. For two terms, he was the rector of the Białystok University of Technology. He is the author of 5 scientific books, published over 400 scientific and technical works. He is the creator or co-creator of over 60 patents and patent applications. Here are some inventions that should have aroused the interest of investors and decision-makers in Poland for a long time.


In 2009, prof. Chomczyk patented the design of a wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation, which considerably outperforms the efficiency of currently used wind turbines. In recent years, he has introduced a number of improvements and modifications in his patent, which consist in redirecting the wind energy resulting from Pascal’s law to propulsive blades, thus reducing its suppressing force. Thanks to this, the efficiency of the turbine is significantly increased. For this invention he has won a number of awards at international exhibitions, including silver medal at the XVI International Exhibition of Innovation in Moscow “Archimedes – 2013” and at the 6th International Exhibition of Innovation in Belgrade, in June 2013.

Comparing the construction of wind turbines currently used, with the wind turbine of prof. Chomczyk, you can list the following benefits:
•     Reduction in energy production costs compared to currently used wind turbines with a horizontal axis of rotation.
•     Full utilization of potential energy and wind pressure, through the mechanisms used to allow operation regardless of the direction of the wind, its changes and pressure of the incoming wind.
•     Coefficient of Performance (COP) currently used in the world, huge wind turbines is about 0.3. This means that only 30% of the wind power is used to produce electricity. COP of prof. Chomczyk’s wind turbines has predicted value of 0.9, i.e. 90% of the wind is used for energy production.
•     Such wind turbine is more environment-friendly by protecting birds passing by and much quieter at work – by 20 to 30 dB compared to other currently used constructions.
•     Chomczyk’s wind turbine is protected against hurricane breakdowns due to the automatic reduction of excessive wind pressure.
•     Possibility to produce small “off-center” wind turbines in the range of 5 to 10 Kw, or larger yielding from 20 to 50 Kw – depending on the diameter and height of the driving blades.


New generation compressor with a bladed piston with rotary and reciprocating motion was invented. It is compressor without friction (no friction and therefore no lubrication is required, i.e. it is an oil-free compressor).

The principle of operation is very different from the principle of operation of existing compressors in the world, which are not economical and not ecological and at the same time they are unreliable and low efficient. Previous compressors are quite complex. Kinematics and dynamics of these compressors cause the formation of destructive forces, and the existing friction requires lubrication.

The cost of oil in such compressors can be estimated as billions of euros per year in EU countries. Compressors invented by prof. Chomczyk are frictionless and therefore oil-free. In addition – they will not pollute the environment. These compressors are very simple. They applied a new principle of operation, including removal of destroying forces such as the friction of the piston-cylinder elements. Oil, sump and oil tank are not needed. Ducts and oil lines are not needed, oil filters and oil separators are not needed. There is no oil change and other activities that exist in conventional compressors, which are very expensive. It is worth noting that prof. Chomczyk’s oil-free compressors are able to reach a value of 15 bars with 10 of compression (1 bar = 1000 hPa). Conventional compressors do not have such efficiency.

Next generation air engine with vane piston in rotary and reciprocating motion was invented. It is a friction-free motor (no friction and therefore no lubrication is required – i.e. an oil-free engine). Currently in France, research is being carried out on an air engine for driving a car. However, the principle of operation of such engine is based on the principle of the conventional (combustion) engine, which is – as we know – not very efficient. Such vehicles have a very limited range.

Air engines according to the design of prof. Chomczyk are based on a new principle of operation. They are frictionless, with high efficiency (several times more efficient than French engines), and thus dramatically increase vehicles’ range. If we are talking about cars – further research and is needed in order to verify the possibility of direct power supply to all wheels of the car (small air engines supplying energy to each wheel), then such cars would be less complex with unnecessary:
• gear box;
• Drive shaft;
• Cardan coupling;
• main transmission (differential);
• a number of other elements.

If the tests confirm this, such cars will be significantly simplified and fully economical in production and operation, as well as fully ecological. This solution is incomparably cheaper than currently promoted, very expensive and onerous electric cars.

All presented inventions of the new generation radically outperform their existing global compressors and engines with their parameters. It can be said that they outperform existing parameters in a revolutionary way. There is of course the possibility of building devices and machines from various materials, including plastics, because friction and centrifugal forces are eliminated.

It is obvious that in the case of cars with air engines, the energy lobby will not allow such a radical change, because the proceeds from the sale of gasoline far outweigh the environmental benefits. Nevertheless, the use of compressed air energy in all other devices is the most possible, so this kind of research opens up potentially huge possibilities.

Professor Chomczyk created system solutions in the field of generation, processing, transforming and transporting energy, which undoubtedly should interest people responsible for ecology and energy. Here’s one of them:

We store wind energy as compressed air energy. This is a particularly important solution because we have periodic shortages or surplus electricity at a given time. Placing in compressed air tanks will allow long-term energy storage without losses. When we store thermal or electric energy in a conventional way, after some time we have losses and environmental contamination (accumulators). With this solution, we will achieve one of the basic goal, we will not cause environmental contamination.

The professor’s inventions crate an opportunity to reduce the level of ecological pollution and allow the number of acquired energy to be increased many times without additional financial expenses, both nationally and globally. As we know energy is always needed. Due to the need for massive economic use, huge gaps are created, and in addition, with the existing energy production measures, there is a global ecological threat.

The prototypes and models of most new generation inventions were built in Poland and both analytical and experimental tests were carried out. The professional research carried out completely confirms the assumptions. If we look globally and at the same time as part of the feedback – we will see the possibility of a positive economic revolution in the world.

In conclusion, it is worth to emphasize that prof. Chomczyk has repeatedly tried to interest Polish Governmental Institutions as well as business people in order to get financing to implement at least some of his inventions. The results are very limited – so far. The Foundation For the Support of Research to Disclose Ancient and Modern Knowledge Wisdom of Nations, has been helping professor in his quest to pass his knowledge to next generations in hope, that his life work will not be forgotten.

Sometimes it looks like as if the host does not notice in his yard a hen that bears his golden eggs.

Andrzej Wójcikiewicz


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