Transmissions of ENKI

book_enkiWhy is the year 2012 so important? Is it that an apocalyptic disaster is actually threatening us? Did the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Maya intend to inform us of by leaving signs pointing to the time remaining on Earth? Who are the mythical Gods: Enki and Enli? What about the Earth precession and the purification of Aquarius Era? What is the True Love? How does the Spiritual World look? Where did the Gypsies and the Highlanders come from? What were the other teachings of Jesus 2000 years ago? How was the Fatima Revelation conducted? How does one lead a healthy lifestyle? What is the Cheops Pyramid? Why did Pastor Russell, founder of the Watchtower Association and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, wish to be buried next to a pyramid? What were the beginnings of Poland? Did Atlantis really exist? In this book answers to these and many other questions may be found coming from hypnosis sessions facilitated by Lucyna Łobos-Brown. ‘En-Ki – Transmissions’ is based on the communication of information from Lucyna Lobos during sessions of hypnotic age regression. This is the story of digging out the Pharaoh’s tomb and placing the mummy in the sarcophagus located in the Great Pyramid, otherwise known as “opening up the Pyramid”, as well as creating protection from catastrophic changes such as global warming and natural disasters, in particular against the dangers of 2012, specifically the geomagnetic reversal of the Earth. How can we protect the Earth? How must we live? What is actually important in life? Who will survive? All the answers are in the book.

Where to buy?

  • Paperback
    • HOPE Publisher. Also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German

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