In search of The Great Labyrinth – Egypt, Archeology and the Year 2012

book_great_labyrinthraDoes the spiritual world really exists, and if it does, what influence does it have on physical reality? Does the real danger of December 2012 really threaten the Earth and people? Are we awaiting the Earth precession, cataclysms, and tragedies? Can the archeology and excavations in Egypt save us from this? To what extend can we believe the prophecies from „the other side“? The book „In Search of the Great Labyrinth“ answers many of these questions as well as many other questions. “In search of the Great Labyrinth – Egypt, Archeology and the Year 2012″ is a continuation of an earlier publication “Awakening the Pharaoh – How to Avoid World Cataclysm in 2012″ by the accredited author Andrzej Wójcikiewicz. This literature is the record of bona fide events that led to research and excavation near the mud-brick pyramid in Hawara in Egypt, March 2008. Their goals included finding the entrance to the Great Labyrinth, described by Herodotus 450 years BC. The book contains descriptions of archaeological studies in a church in Ślęza in Poland, led from August 2004 to November 2005 then suddenly discontinued in 2006 due to the decision of the Wroclaw Diocese. The book explores studies carried out by the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in the area of the Three Pyramids in Giza aimed at finding tombs of builders. Describes actions aimed to discredit “Project Cheops” in Egypt by the former Secretary General of the Supreme Couincil of Antiquity, Dr. Zahi Hawass in 2009, and similar attempts in Poland, by Polish TV programs. The ‘Project’ whose goal is to turn on the protection for people as well as the Earth before possible cataclysm in 2012 assuming, that that such protection can be provided by activating the energy of the Great Pyramid. The material presented depicts descriptions of unconventional studying methods related to dowsing, telepathic channelling and regressive hypnosis through a renowned medium – Lucyna Lobos-Brown from Poland. The book quotes fragments of previously unpublished telepathic channelling sessions, concerning e.g. the history of Egypt and the matter of death, including suicide. This book is proof that it is possible to combine together two opposing fields in life such as science and esotericism. It is also a sign that if there really will be a human threat from the point of the Sun or Planet X in 2012, then there also exists a realistic protection; which relies on us individuals enabling it.

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