Continuation of the session with Basmat on July 23, 2022 (10)


In the book by J.J. Hurtak, the author lists 7 levels of heaven, from the first to the seventh. What determines which heaven the physical being enters when he/she enters the spiritual world? What causes someone to start, e.g. from the first heaven?

Human work here, spiritual, energetic work means that he/she can choose the space of heaven. Someone who is not a being of beautiful spiritual energy cannot go very high, and has to start from the lower regions. On the other hand, a very high being, if he/she chooses the space of the sixth or seventh dimension – it can choose, but not necessarily be accepted. Soul chooses and if it is an energetically worthy person for this place, this place will accept it. It’s not that there is a bad place and a good place, they are all high energy spaces. But an energy being who, for example, chooses a sixth heaven and wants to be there, and is in beautiful energy, will appear there. And if not, it can only be lower even if it chose that sixth heaven.

I understand that when someone goes to the other side, he immediately goes to one of these heavens, does he have to stay here on Earth or in Purgatory? What is it like?

Mary Magdalene:
There is no such place. There is space in anticipation. A soul is here often, but it’s it choice. because it wants to be with phyical  people, to look at them, to be next to them, to enjoy them, and that’s why it is still there. But the moment it decides it wants to pass, it passes. There are people who are very lost as souls who can be in some space of a building or nature. These are people after various emergencies – many of them are helped so that they can enter the place of their choice. Not to a place of light. That doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be a negative spot. But they choose whether they want to go down again or not. Remember that this turn is the moment to decide – do I take the body, do I move normally and leave my body, do I want to come back, do I want to be an Ascended Master?

To be continued…


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