Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal Puzzle Almost Complete

This is what I have been looking for over the past four years. I believe it to be the missing piece which comes close to completing the puzzle. This could explain both the scientific theory of pole reversals, and Mayan prophecy of 2012. Yes – I believe this new scientific study is extraordinarily significant.
New studies reveal the Earth’s magnetic field is not produced by a “dipole” alone. Study results and historical paleomagnetic data point to something called “quadrupolar”. First let’s start with what is widely known and accepted (at least until now). Most every geo-scientist (if not all) agree the production of Earth’s magnetic field is based on the “dipole theory”. (see diagram below)


The Earth’s magnetic field can be described as a magnetic dipole, with the magnetic south pole currently located near the Earth’s geographic north pole — and the magnetic north pole near the geographic south pole (both magnetic poles are misaligned along the Earth’s rotational axis by about 11.3 degrees). The existence of such a magnetic field can be explained by a dynamo theory, which describes how a convective electrically conducting fluid that rotates can maintain a magnetic field.
New research suggests another magnetic field is also generated by the flow of the liquid core of the Earth, exactly like the dipole field. Most observation has been a dipolar field because it is more easily generated by the flow. However, another condition known as a “quadrupolar field” could be maintained which occurs in a temporary manner setting up a reversal. (see diagram below)


Quadrupole magnets consist of groups of four magnets laid out so that in the multipole expansion of the field, the dipole terms cancel and where the lowest significant terms in the field equations are quadrupole. Quadrupole magnets are useful as they create a magnetic field whose magnitude grows rapidly with the radial distance from its longitudinal axis. This is used in particle beam focusing. The simplest magnetic quadrupole is two identical bar magnets parallel to each other such that the north pole of one is next to the south of the other and vice versa. Such a configuration would have no dipole moment, and its field will decrease at large distances faster than that of a dipole.
As scientist Francois Petrelis of Ecole Normale Superieure, who co-leads on the research team reports — The reversal mechanism relies on the existence of a second magnetic mode, in addition to the dipolar field. The presence of a second mode, such as a quadrupolar field, can have significant effects on how the magnetic system reacts to changes in equatorial symmetry. Petrelis tells us: “We have shown that if the dipolar field of Earth is coupled to another magnetic mode (a quadrupolar field), this coupling provides a path to flip the dipole to its opposite. If this coupling is strong enough, the magnetic field will spontaneously oscillate between the two modes and their opposite polarities. We will then observe periodic reversals of the magnetic field (this is the case of the solar magnetic field, for which the period is 22 years). In the case of Earth, the coupling is not strong enough, and oscillations are not observed. Velocity fluctuations in the liquid core are then needed to trigger a reversal.”

So how does this correlate with Mayan prophecy and 2012?

In two words — The Sun. One has to ask what event would need to take place which would set off an unbalance in the Earth’s core. Is it internal i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami. Or is it external i.e. solar flares, cme’s, or celestial orbs? Also it is important to note an ‘external’ event could certainly trigger internal consequences.
To address the Planet-X folks before I start getting hundreds of enthusiastic emails. Yes, I am saying a large celestial orb such as a (large) asteroid, comet or minor planet – would certainly affect core fluid and magnetic fields perhaps causing a pole reversal. HOWEVER — unless you can prove your assessment – which “must” include: corroborating endorsements (with full contact information), precise details such as astronomical coordinates, trajectory, size, and visual magnitude. But if you have a healthy list of verifiable, credible amateur or professional astronomers to confirm your assessment, there will be no need for further details. So please hear me — I am not saying a large celestial orb is not out there. I am saying there is no evidence whatsoever that one is coming close anytime soon. If you believe so, all I’m asking is for you to prove it with empirical evidence. This will be extremely easy if one is to occur within the next few years.
Now to the other most likely cause which could have an immense affect on Earth’s core and magnetic field. The Sun. As many of you know from my books and numerous articles, I believe most all ancient text tells us a change (or transition) is coming, and is already in phase. Most of such text point to the Sun or a celestial event.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)
Many have begun to shift their belief, both scientists and amateur, that Cycle 24 will not reach former predictions. NASA, ESA, NCAR, and several universities had predicted solar cycle 24 would be up to 50 percent stronger than solar cycle 23. Yet to date, the Sun has shown the lowest solar activity in the last one hundred years. Could they have been wrong in their original calculations? I don’t think so. To suggest such would also negate ancient text which also points to the Sun or celestial orbs. No. I’m sticking to my theory. Solar Cycle 24 will throw some nasty flares our way, and this is how I believe it will play out.
It will take on the ambiance of a low grade tropical storm; one which very few will pay attention. It will hardly be a glitch on everyone’s radar. But I say don’t be fooled. It will most likely ramp up sometime next year in 2010 showing us a few sputters of M-Class and maybe one or two low level X-Class flares. But come summer of 2011, watch for a sudden spike in solar activity only to be followed by a gradual escalation into 2012.
Yes. I am predicting we will see very large solar flares/cme’s come in 2011, into 2012 and 2013. All world-wide scientific data states Cycle 24 will reach its “solar maximum” sometime in 2012, and I believe it will do just that. Of course time will tell the tale. My theory is that it will come late, fast, and hard — then dip again as fast as it came in.
No, no, no. Life is not going to end. But I would suggest the world will be different in just a few short years ahead. Actually, one could make the argument “life already is different”. Perhaps more than many in my generation would have believed. Just flick on the news for 5 minutes, perhaps this already is ‘the tell telling the tale’. As you always see in my newsletters, I believe it will be ‘charged particles’ which will usher in a new state of being. It will be the very same ‘charged particles’ that affect the Earth’s magnetic field and core, that will have a similar affect on our human magnetic field.
It is mentioned Nostradamus once said: “A fulfilled prophecy, is a failed prophecy”. Perhaps we are indeed empowered to make a difference. Maybe not in stopping natural rhythmic events, but we are certainly empowered to “facilitate” them.

— Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media


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